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"Pride in the job

is not a thing of the past"

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Firstly thank you for finding my website and taking the time to read about my profession. Let me introduce myself- I’m Martin King.

The skills that I have developed throughout my career, have enabled me to build upon a sound ethos comprised of honesty, reliability and pride, to ensure my customers trust me and feel confident that I will offer them a good service. Just contact me & I will be only too pleased to try and help you.

Love what you do, and you'll do it well

Carpet Supply


Supplying the best carpets to suit your requirements. Whether that be a stainless man-made carpet, a synthetic fibre or 100% wool, depending on your budget and requirements we can work together to find you your perfect carpet for the right price.

Carpet Measuring


Accurate measurements to find out exactly how much carpet you need and no more. Knowing how much carpet you need is an art, finding sections to use for stairs, landings that would have gone unused may mean you get something for nothing... thats not something you can say now very often.

Carpet Supply


Fitting carpets is my main job and skill, creating seamless carpets fitted to the highest standards to fit to any shape or size. Laying a carpet seems a simple proposition, but getting it perfect, in usually one peice is where the skill comes in. Around doors, stairs and fittings is where you can tell that this is my passion.

Carpet Samples


Samples are integral in finding your correct carpet. Matching your carpet against other items in your room is paramount and there is no better way than looking through samples of carpets in that room. I have all the latest brand samples available and for anything that I do not currently have I can get.

Vinyl Fitting


This flooring solution is perfect for bathrooms and kitchen. Easy to clean up, providing good grip in wet and humid conditions vinyl is a perfect solution for those rooms that are causing you issues.

Carpet Repairs


Carpet had a problem? Let me see if it can be repaired. A new carpet is not always the best solution, sometimes patching up a carpet you already own works out better. This is always on a case by case basis. Either way the best resolution is what I suggest.

Carpet Advice


Always available to advise on any flooring solutions. Whether you need to find out what would be best, what can be done, what needs to be done I am available to advise you for with the best advice to suit you.

Carpet Re-fitting


Has the carpet started pulling up? After a number of years existing carpet might need a bit of streching or stairs refitted due to wear.

I take pride in my work. All of the photos on this site are of my work. There is no job too big, too small, too complicated. Carpet fitting is not only my job but also my passion.

The process is important

  • Carpet Preparation


    The beginning of a stunning cow shed conversations by Tbc Design, preparing it for this mammoth installation.

    It's important to clear the space and get the surfaces ready to achieve an optimal finish.

    Portfolio Item

    Stair Fittings

    Getting a decent stair fitting is imperative, and truly makes a staircase shine! Whether it be traditional or ultra modern installations, the perfect staircase is one I always strive for.

    Portfolio Item

    Large Installations

    A full barn conversion where I fitted this mighty lounge with a classic cream Westex carpet, in Kingscleare this barn was laid to a very strict requirements and needed a high spec loop 100% wool Westex carpet which was fitted back in 2010.

Please Note Due to recent issues with 3rd party products, I no longer solely fit jobs with stock not affiliated with my suppliers.

Recommended Suppliers

  • Tarkett

    Founded in 1886, Tarkett is a worldwide leader in the flooring industry. We manufacture and sell wood, laminate and vinyl floors for the home in over 100 countries worldwide, as well as providing a broad range of products for professional use. Many of our integrated flooring solutions are part of numerous prestigious architectural references.

    Victoria Carpets

    Victoria Carpets is a founding member of the Carpet Foundation, an organisation set up to raise the profile of the UK carpet industry. The Carpet Foundation has successfully worked alongside retailers to attain a working code of practice for the industry, that is approved by the Office of Fair Trading


    Westex Carpets is based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire: the heart of England's traditional wool textile industry. Westex can ensure that each manufacturing process from wool to carpet is carried out to exacting quality standards, as all the processes are not only based in the United Kingdom, but also owned and controlled by Westex.

  • Mr Tomkinson

    Mr Tomkinson has been producing carpets for over 100 years. We understand the need to select the carpet that best matches your needs in terms of durability, appearance and colour and all of our ranges have been developed to assist your requirements in these areas.


    A a family run independent flooring distributor supplying flooring retailers and contractors in the South. Originally started by Tom McHale in Havant Hampshire in 1969, we are now run by 2nd generation Simon McHale and Claire Wagg, based in Chichester, West Sussex.

    Jhs Carpets

    Joseph, Hamilton and Seaton (JHS) have been a leading supplier of commercial carpet, contract carpet tiles and commercial floorcoverings in the UK for over 50 years.

If it's not good enough for me, it's not good enough for you.

  • Team Member

    Martin King

    I am the sole proprietor of a professional carpet and flooring Business who predominately work with Carpets & Vinyl flooring. I’ve been working in the carpet business since I was 15 when I entered a 6 year apprenticeship scheme which equipped me to sell, plan and install flooring solutions.


  • Miss K Brill

    Nice to see someone with a love of his job. From the first time I Meet Martin he put me a ease with his knowledge and eye for what looks right & his willingness to be truthful about whether it works or not was a great help, something I never came across in my search for carpets.

  • Henrietta

    Thank you so much once again. You have been a complete lifesaver and have done a really great job. We are incredibly grateful. Hope you have a relaxing christmas! Best Wishes, Henrietta

  • Mrs Philpot - Bradfield

    Martin king was recommended to me by a friend and I’ll be recommending him to my friends. Martin came to repair a carpet & over the next 3 years he has done the whole of our house my parents Old house and the new house and worked in my Father-in-laws… we trust him.

  • Mr K.P.Ware

    The Information Martin gave as a professional carpet fitter gave me confidence he knows his job.

  • N.Fox Hotels

    I had a budget to work to and Martin came in told me the truth and sorted me with a carpet that has lasted 3 times longer than previous carpets supplied by the Carpet shop with the never ending sale… won’t be using them again.

  • Olcay and Neil

    Dear Martin,

    We cannot thank you enough, for making our staircase so lovely in such a short time.

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